Exchange and return conditions

The manufacturer’s warranty is 18 months.

In order to return or exchange furniture, you must follow simple conditions:

The product to be returned / exchanged must be new, i.e. have no traces of use and use (scratches, chips, abrasions and other damages)

The original factory packaging of the product and all its components are preserved intact (traces of careful opening of the packaging for product inspection are allowed)

The complete set of goods, labels, instructions, factory marking and product appearance are preserved

There is a document confirming the purchase and payment of the goods (for example, a sales receipt / invoice)

Cannot be returned or exchanged
Goods of appropriate quality that have been used or have traces of use, signs of installation, assembly, etc.

Goods that have lost their appearance, in which the packaging, labels, markings, etc. are broken. after handing over the goods to the Buyer.

The goods have visible damage or have lost their properties after handing over the goods to the Buyer, as a result of violation of the rules of use and storage.

Goods with damaged packaging or its components (including mattresses without packaging/with damaged packaging or those that were in use), except in cases where it was not possible to detect the defect of the product without damage to the packaging or the product was sold / delivered from damaged packaging

Goods that were manufactured to an individual order and/or according to samples (sketches) of the buyer, including goods that have individually defined properties, namely: non-standard dimensions, appearance, construction, addition of external details (pockets, handles, etc.). ), fabrics that were selected by the Buyer individually before the order.

Reduced or restored goods;
The goods were purchased under special terms of installments and credit as part of promotions. Standard return and exchange rules apply to such goods within 14 calendar days provided for in the Law “On the Protection of Consumer Rights”