Soft double beds from the manufacturer

Large double beds are the most important element of any bedroom. Probably, each of our clients dreams of sleeping in comfortable conditions. After all, a good sleep means a better start to the day. This principle also works in reverse, and regular lack of sleep or sleeping on a hard or too narrow mattress can contribute to the fact that we will forever be gloomy, tired and dissatisfied with life. Knowing how the bed affects the quality of our lives, we have created an offer that includes durable and comfortable furniture that will make you wake up every day refreshed and full of energy for action.

The sizes of double beds from the manufacturer available in our online store are mainly 140×200 cm, 160×200 cm, 180×200 cm and 200×200 cm. The more places we have for sleeping, the greater the comfort we can enjoy, but it all depends on our individual needs and the size of the bedroom. If a double bed takes up too much space in our room, we should consider a bed with a pull-out mattress. When folded, it will not take up much space, and we will be able to rationally use the freed space during the day.

Double beds with drawers

Most of our models have drawers for bedding, which makes storage much easier. Some of them are so roomy that they can also easily accommodate extra pillows, blankets and other less frequently used accessories. Beds with drawers, available in the assortment, have frames made mainly of wood. That is why they provide high quality, reliability and durability. Due to the fact that the offer of beds is very wide, we can easily choose a bed model from the manufacturer that will also suit our taste. A bed with a high, rounded headboard will make you feel like royalty in your own bedroom. In addition, the wide selection of colors will leave you a lot of freedom in choosing, because here you will find a huge selection of beds with drawers, both in neutral, classic colors, and in unusual, surprising shades. Thanks to this, your bedroom will become exactly as you dreamed.

Double beds for yourself

Double beds are an ideal solution for both couples and one person. If you live alone, love comfort and the dimensions of your bedroom allow you to equip it with a large and comfortable bed – do not hesitate, a strong double bed is an excellent investment for years. You can not only sleep in it, but also relax by watching TV and reading books. Our assortment is a great offer for houses and apartments, as well as for hotel interiors. After all, where, if not there, do guests dream of an overnight stay in extremely comfortable conditions? By meeting their expectations, you will make sure that your institution has a good reputation and is gladly recommended for a visit. A comfortable, strong bed is the key to quality sleep and rest. Choose the desired model and today you can buy a bed from the manufacturer in the Furniture-Lev online store.